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Z-Extra Trap US

It took our technical designers and engineers a long time, great passion and total dedication to design our new Z-Line.
They knew that nothing could be second class and left to chance in a gun meant for competition.
Every small part had to be designed and studied carefully, checked and double-checked.
The Z-line had to set new standards in terms of performance, reliability, wear, comfort, ergonomics and looks.

We are indeed very happy with the results as our new gun has become the perfect synthesis of balance, excellent mechanical features and flawless performance.

The Z-Line comes with an action made from a solid piece of forged steel, a detachable trigger group with titanium coated components and self lubricant springs, a Boss-type locking system and complete stock interchangeability.
But the real strength of our new competition gun lies in its high performance barrels, completely silver soldered.
The Z-Trap US model is the version dedicated to the practice of Trap. Clean, essential and simply decorated with chain border, scroll engraving, Z Gun logo in relief on action sides and back and non-glare stippled top.

Living up to the uniqueness offered by their barrels, known to provide a ballistics reference Zoli has designed Trap barrels providing them with a rib able to offers infinite adjustments in customizing the ideal point of impact.
Differently from any other product offered from the market the Z-Trap US rib can be adjusted both in parallel position on different levels of height that tilted to various degrees of angle.

These adjustments are made possible by the fact that the rib, contrary to what is offered by all the other products currently available in the market, is not anchored to a fixed point.
A very sophisticated engineering solution that provides, among other things, a system of recoil absorption built in the rib itself.

To shoot with Z-Trap US is a unique experience. Alongside the ballistic quality there are ergonomic and comfort dowries such as to be immediately perceived from the shooter  and able to reduce to a minimum level the stress caused from the time of shooting to benefit both shooting pleasure  and the result.

The offset Monte Carlo style stock with the ideal pitch and the slight rollover comb combined with the right or left hand palm swell makes this stock the most customized but still standard stock of all high rib guns.

The success of the Zoli HR  is at large the tribute to the perfect marriage between stock, rib and barrel.

Specifications & Options 12 gauge

  • Action: Monolithic action made by forged alloy steel
  • Locking system: Locking system Bolt Boss type
  • Finishing on Action: Polished and engraved / silver-carbon nitride -or- Colorcase hardening (Optional / Extra Charge)
  • Trigger meccanism: Detachable with titanium coated components - self lubricant springs - selective single trigger- inertia operated / adj. trigger blade for LOP
  • Tapered flat rib 11x7mm: 34"
  • Soldering System: Silver soldered barrels
  • Extended Chokes: Imp/Mod -Light/mod - Mod - Imp/Cyl - Cyl/SK-SKEET 2 - titanium coated
  • Flush Chokes: Optional / Extra charge
  • Type: White front bead diameter 3mm and mid bead
  • Adjustable stock: Turkish walnut code (optional/Extra charge)
  • Custom stock: Optional / Extra charge
  • Rounded type: Rounded forend wood / London Style (std on sporting version)
  • Beavertail type: Beavertail forend ( std on Trap and Skeet version )
  • CASE
  • Negrini ABS: ABS Blue case (syntetic) with two combination locks, Air Travel approved
  • Bilanx - BHB: Optional Extra charge
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