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Centosettantacinque — 175

Limited Edition

175 years ago a passion was born!  A passion that never died and now lives stronger than ever in this Limited Series of 100 guns

The new model 175 comes in 12 ga only, as a hunting gun or an all-around competition gun. Apart from the exquisite execution and the utmost attention paid to every detail by our Custom Shop, the model “Centosettantacinque - 175” features several remarkable technical specifications.

First of all, the action is precision machined from a solid monolithic steel forging with no seam line and receives a special coin finish after engraving.
The Boss-type locking system is further enhanced by barrel lugs that perfectly fit the recesses in the action. The percussion system features firing pins in stainless steel, cased and provided with a discharge valve that can handle and deviate accidental gas discharges caused by primer perforation.

The detachable trigger group comes with titanium coated parts and self-lubricating springs; a non selector is available on request.

The barrels are a real point of strength in all Zoli guns, as they are the result of a long and focused experience gained over the years. The ballistic performance of the barrel is such that they not only allow shot pattern peripheral penetration, but they are also responsible for a soft and comfortable shooting reaction. The silver soldering of the barrels and ribs is for life. Depending on the version, barrels come in different lengths which range from 28” to 34” (71 - 86 cm), with interchangeable chokes.

Sporting or traditional hunting top ribs are available and many are the options to choose from: flat ribs, stepped, high, adjustable and of course tapered. Side ribs can be solid or ventilated. The gun is designed with a system that can adjust the level of pressure between action and barrels over time. If necessary, and only after a very extensive use, the system can be regenerated by simply replacing a component, with no other invasive repair needed. This assures a life with 100s of thousands of shots.

Stocks and forends in high quality Turkish walnut are finely checkered.



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