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ZOLI is proud of being the Italian company with the longest and most prestigious tradition in building express rifles and rifle/shotgun combination guns. The ZOLI Focus is the third generation of express rifles sold throughout the world. Its structure, look, ballistic performance and dynamic embody the know-how acquired over the last 40 years by the company. Every gun in the Focus line comes with a reinforced action body made from a solid block of forged steel. The trigger system is mounted on a detachable plate, a feature never seen on express rifles before, which helps relieve both trigger and plate from structural stresses.

Every Focus comes with a top rib fitted for the ZOLI fast scope mount, a fixed rear sight and a blade sight adjustable in height. Both sights feature optic fiber inserts which favor intuitive aiming. The Focus is available with either single trigger or double triggers with set trigger, extractors/ejectors and extra sets of barrels in the following configurations: two rifled-bore barrels, two smooth-bore barrels in 20 Mag or a smooth bore barrel + a rifled bore barrel.

The stock on the “Focus” features a round cheek piece, a Bavarian cheek piece on the “Focus Lux””. The wooden butt plates are always finely checkered. Thanks to their handling characteristics and stability the guns in the Focus line are ideal for driven hunts and hunts in small areas. When provided with one or two extra sets of barrels they become perfect hunting companions for almost every situation.

Specifications & Options

Standard configuration Optional/extra charge
Forged monlithic frame Silver Color case hardened or Blued
Calibers 30-06, 30RBlaser, 8x57js, 9,3x74r, 300WM -
Trigger mecchanism Detachable trigger mecchanism -
Trigger system Single trigger or double trigger with stecher -
Locking system Boss style locking bolt, Two locks system -
Lenght 55cm - 22” -
Top Rib Standard express on model Focus, hand made shaped on Focus Lux -
Top Rib Finishing Laser Hand made
Side Rib Solid and adjustable in front -
Soldering Silver soldering Technology -
Sight Adjustable front sight and fixed rear sight -
Fixed stock Bavarian style stock Left hand version
Forend type Tulip shape Tulip shape - Custom
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