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Corona SP


ZOLI was the first Italian company to produce rifle/shotgun combination guns in the early 60s and has manufactured over 85,000 units ever since. The current line known as “Corona” clearly capitalizes on the experience ZOLI has made over the years. The mechanical and ballistic performances of the guns as well as the safety features are second to none. The cocking system can be either manual or traditional, the former being provided with the exclusive ZOLI “ISD” device which stops the hammer travel in case of accidental percussion. The percussion system comes with the “PPS” device that protects the hunter from gas generated by accidental explosions of perforated cartridges. The set trigger is more sensitive and precise thanks to a tiny screw that has simplified its regualtion.

The “Revolution 4” project provides several types of cocking mechanism. The most innovative one is represented by the version with manual cocking (CORONA SP), which allows one to cock the gun by pushing forward the special button positioned at the rear part of the action. This system, which is unique to the Zoli range, is capable of cocking both barrels at the same time and is equipped with a sophisticated safety device. This device avoids accidental discharge due to violent shocks, breakage or disengagement of the sears.

The barrels are silver soldered, the stock features a traditional Bavarian cheek piece, the swallow-tail rib has been specifically designed for the ZOLI fast detachable scope mounts. A second set of smooth bore barrels in 20mag can always be fitted to every gun. The Corona comes in two versions the Corona and Corona SP with hand cocking system.

Specifications & Options

  Standard configuration Optional/extra charge
Forged monlithic frame Silver -
Calibers 12/76, 20/76
222rem, 223rem, 243win, 5,6x50rm, 5,6x52s, 270win, 308win, 30-06, 30r blaser, 6,5x55, 7x57r, 7x65r, 8x57jrs, 9,3x74r
Trigger mecchanism Detachable trigger mecchanism on model Corona
Fixed trigger mecchanism with hand cocking system on model Corona SP
Trigger system double trigger with stecher  
Locking system Boss style locking bolt  
Lenght 60cm
Top Rib Standard -
Top Rib Finishing Laser Hand made
Side Rib Solid -
Soldering Silver soldering Technology -
Sight Adjustable front sight and fixed rear sight -
Fixed stock Bavarian style stock Left hand version
Forend type Tulip shape Tulip shape - Custom
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