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Faithful to the company philosophy based on the continuous innovation of their products, Zoli is proud to present their new bolt-action rifle, Evolution. A modern proposal aiming to better understand the needs of today’s hunter. Evolution offers a new, manual cocking system that is the best available for this category. The manual cocking system is ergonomic, silent and intuitive, conferring better comfort and safety. Evolution introduces a new and innovative trigger mechanism made from a single, solid steel block. The trigger can work flawlessly thanks to the use of steel bearing balls and pistons, instead of the more traditional sears, making it more precise, softer and safer to use.

Evolution also introduces a new, removable magazine that comes in 3 different models, to better adapt to all the calibers on offer. The magazine also contributes to the improved smooth feeding. Evolution provides a sliding fluidity of the bolt action and a mechanical softness that are both state-of-the-art. The rifle Evolution is unique as far as smooth operation, safety, practical use and user-friendliness are concerned. The best manufacturing quality is guaranteed since 100% of its components is made from steel parts produced employing the most modern CNC machines. Thanks to this production process, the recoil-lug is directly integrated with the main body. Evolution is available also in left handed version.

Specifications & Options

Standard configuration Optional/extra charge
Forged monlithic frame Black with mat satin finishing -
Calibers 308win, 30-06, 8x57js -
Magazine Detachable magazine -
Trigger system Single direct trigger -
Cocking system Hand cocking system -
Locking system Two locks system -
Lenght 53cm
Sights No sights Battue sights
Finishing Mat satin black finishing
Diameter 17mm 15,5mm
Thread for Silencer 15x1 -
Fixed stock Classic style stock Left hand version
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