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Z-Sport HR

ZOLI Z-Sport HR Sporting Shotgun

Our new Z-Gun range proudly sets a new standard in terms of performance, reliability, comfort, ergonomics and style. It is with pride that we acknowledge the numerous competition victories attained from this range – they stand as testament to the dedication and passion that went into the production of each and every gun.

Built to win, the Z-Sport HR has been developed by combining the best techniques of the gunsmith tradition with modern science, supported by the most recent applications. This laborious quest has pushed us towards unknown territories, an exercise without which we would have never been able to introduce the new concepts that make this version so unique. Ergonomics, weight distribution, interaction between the gun and the shooter: these are just some of the themes that accompanied the various planning stages of the HR.

With the Z-Sport HR, aiming for the target becomes instinctive and focused from the very beginning. The HR model naturally leads your eyes to the target, offering a perfect view that translates into a significant reduction of discomfort for neck and shoulder. This model also boasts low recoil, due in part to the Boss-type lock which moves the gun’s central axis to an elevated position. Additional features include a new, 11 mm, adjustable tapered rib that thanks to a simple washer can adjust the impact point from 50/50 to 70/30.

As with all Zoli guns, the barrels dynamic approach and silver soldering, complete with an impact-point factory warranty, deliver a shooting experience with low recoil and requiring minimal effort and less eye strain.

The standard stock is an off-set Monte Carlo, offering ideal pitch and a slightly rounded comb combined with an embossed pistol grip: a comfortable stock, ideal to make the most of the high rib. The action is engraved with a delicately ornate border, alongside the Z-Gun logo in relief on a non-glare stipple top, on both action sides and back.

The Z-Sport HR is available in 12 gauge only, with a choice of 30” or 32” barrels.

Specifications & Options 12 gauge

  • Action: Monolithic action made by forged alloy steel
  • Locking system: Bolt Boss type
  • Finishing on Action: Polished and engraved / silver-carbon nitride -or- black-hot blued / Color case hardening with extra charge
  • Trigger meccanism: Detachable with titanium coated components - self lubricant springs - selective single trigger- inertia operated / adj. trigger blade for LOP
  • High Rib 11mm tapered 11x7mm: 30" - 32"
  • Soldering System: Silver soldered barrels
  • Extended Chokes: Imp/Mod -Light/mod - Mod - Imp/Cyl - Cyl/SK-SKEET 2 - titanium coated
  • Flush Chokes: Optional/Extra charge
  • Type: White front bead diameter 3mm and mid bead
  • Adjustable stock: Turkish walnut Off Set comb code……
  • Rounded type: Rounded forend wood / London Style (std on sporting version)
  • Beavertail type: Beavertail forend (std on Trap and Skeet version)
  • CASE
  • Negrini ABS: ABS Blue case (syntetic) with two combination locks, Air Travel approved
  • Bilanx - BHB: Optional/Extra charge
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