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The fascinating history of Zoli starts in 1945 and runs through significative periods, sometimes even critical ones. In spite of the many adversities, production always managed to continue, making the brand become a synonym for tradition and innovation. Constant research and passion have ensured ceaseless product evolution, with an abundance of state-of-the-art solutions, while maintaining traditions at the same time. In fact, at Zoli’s we firmly believe that innovation and tradition can, and indeed should coexist, as shown by our production. Although revolutionary from a mechanical and performance point of view, these guns still offer a classical look, fitting the traditional stylistic canons that belong to a period when the fundamental principles of gun making art and a strong aesthetic sensibility, albeit affordable only to a few people, gave the opportunity to skilful artisans to manufacture guns that were almost works of art.

Since 1990, Zoli Custom Shop has built magnificent guns too, manufactured for the more sophisticated hunters and shooters. The custom line aims to produce unique pieces that can satisfy the most demanding palates, a result that is achieved combining together different ingredients, converging into today’s production thanks to Zoli’s long experience.

The Ambassador line is currently the star of the Z series, offering an entry level to Zoli’s custom shop.

All Ambassador models are identifiable thanks to the action and monoblock manufactured by master artisans with the chisel technique. The result is immediately recognisable: a semi-round action with perfect volumes and lines that harmoniously fit with the stock.

Zoli’s long experience suggested the following configurations, that should meet most hunting and shooting needs:
1. Ambassador ELC
2. Ambassador ELC Gold
3. Ambassador ELT
4. Ambassador Regent
5. Ambassador SEL
6. Ambassador SELG
7. Ambassador Pernice
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