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Zoli KRONOS Competition Shotgun

KRONOS Shotgun

The creation of the over-and-under Zoli Kronos is the result of both extensive research and refinement, on behalf of our passionate and expert technicians. The Zoli Kronos has set new standards in terms of performance, reliability, comfort, ergonomics and style. The Kronos is recognised as a gun with a combination of dynamic and ballistics skills which integrate perfectly together.

The Kronos is fitted with a monoblock action made of forged stainless steel, with a detachable trigger group, Boss-type lock and a fully interchangeable stock. Its balanced design means that the Kronos is comfortable to hold, shoot and control with ease. It also boasts great ballistics, a widely recognised feature of all Zoli guns – ensuring state-of-the-art performance.

Zoli has been manufacturing barrels in-house for more than 50 years, and this component has always been considered key to ensure the best ballistics in a gun. We can proudly say that our barrels do not just offer the best ballistics, but also manage to combine it with the best comfort, which means high performance, low recoil: a winning combination!

The Zoli Kronos is the outcome of many factors coming together; high quality materials, rigorous production cycles, expert staff, tight tolerances and crucially: in-house barrel production.

The Zoli Kronos is available in Trap, Sporting, Skeet and Elica models. The receiver can be finished in silver or black (hot blued) and is made only in 12 gauge with a choice of 28”, 30” or 32” barrels.

Specifications & Options 12 gauge

  • Action: Forged Alloy Steel Monolithic action
  • Locking system: Locking system - Bolt Boss type
  • Finishing on Action: Polished and engraved / silver-carbon nitride -or- black-hot blued
  • Trigger meccanism: Detachable - selective single trigger- inertial operated / adj. trigger blade for LOP
  • Tapered flat rib 11x7mm: 28" - 30" - 32"
  • Soldering System: Silver soldered barrels
  • Extended Chokes: Optional - Extra charge
  • Flush Chokes: 5 Interchangeable Chokes, CYL / IM-CYL / MOD / IM-MOD / FULL
  • Type: White front bead and mid bead
  • Fixed stock: Turkish Walnut Stock Model A ( Sporting not adj. )
  • Adjustable stock: Optional - Extra charge / not included turkish walnut Stock Model B (Sporting adj.)
  • Rounded type: Rounded forend wood / London Style (std on sporting version)
  • Beavertail type: Beavertail forend (std on Trap and Skeet version)
  • CASE
  • Negrini ABS: Zoli Blue ABS case with two combination locks, Airline approved for travel
  • Bilanx - BHB: Optional - Extra charge
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