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The Columbus field O/U shotgun is another product resulted from the “Classic Revolution” ZOLI embraced at the turn of the century to completely renew its offer. The shotgun has been totally upgraded from a technical and cosmetic standpoint. Now it comes with technical features which used to be found only on high grade guns manufactured in small volumes such as solid action, detachable trigger group, Boss-type locking system and silver soldered barrels which capitalize on 50 years of experience and set new ballistic standards.

Cosmetically the shotgun competes with the best hunting guns on the market thanks to its refined engraving, stock in select walnut, fine checkering, rubber butt plate and compact dimensions.

The Columbus comes in different versions suitable for traditional walk up hunting as well as woodcock, rabbit and wild boar hunting.

The trigger group can be quickly removed from the solid action using a small wrench supplied with the gun. The trigger group is easy to replace and service when needed. Every side of the Columbus action features elegant game scene engraving.

The “Columbus” comes with a pheasant in flight engraved on the bottom while flying partridges and ducks embellish the sides. In the “Columbus Gold” the scenes are the same as the Columbus, but in gold.

Specifiche e Opzioni

Configurazione standard Optional/su richiesta
Forgiata monolitica Argento incisa con paesaggio e volatili Tartaruga o brunita
Calibri 12-20-28-410
Gruppo scatto Batteria estraibile -
Grilletto Monogrillo selettivo Senza selettore
Sistema di chiusura Tipo Boss
CANNE- Cal. 12
Lunghezza 60-67-71 -75
24”-26”-28”- 29,5”
Bindella superiore Conica 11-7mm in a 71, 75cm (28”-29,5”)
Conica 7-5mm in 67, 71, 75cm (26,28,29,5”)
Slug in 60cm (24”)
Finitura bindella superiore Laser Incisa a mano
Bindelle laterali Ventilate -Solide
-Senza bindelle laterali
Saldatura Lega d‘argento -
Strozzatura Intercambiabili interni Fissa
Lunghezza 71-75cm ( 28”, 29,5”) -
Bindella superiore Conica 11-5mm -
Bindelle laterali Ventilate BHB system
Saldatura Lega d‘argento -
Strozzatura Intercambiabili interni Fissa
Fisso cal.12. Modello caccia con calciolo gomma Versione mancina hand
Fisso cal. 20, 28, 410 Modello caccia con calciolo gomma -
Asta cal.12, 20, 28, 410 Tonda A becco d’oca - Custom
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