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Mr. Paolo Zoli - President and CEO

Dear shooters and hunters,

It is with great pleasure that I extend my personal welcome to our new website to all of you.

I hope you will find it complete and easy to read through. We are very proud of the growing interest for the Zoli brand and feel it is time to improve the quality of our communication. The objective is to get the public to know our company and our products with ease and clarity.

We are very happy and feel rewarded that an ever growing number of people are using our guns with satisfaction and manage to achieve better results than ever before. This is a very engaging notion and an incentive to continue our work with tenacity and dedication. A commitment that presents difficult challenges but is well compensated by the many victories accomplished at national and international level by our loyal clients.

We firmly believe that innovation and tradition can and must coexist, and it is for this reason that while our products are technologically advanced, they still maintain universal principles that belong to the most classical gunmaking tradition. As a result, Zoli’s guns are highly evolved as far as materials and technology are concerned but offer a very classical, highly refined design.

We are very proud to introduce you to the latest generation of guns, researched and built on the basis of a simple philosophical concept: quality must never be compromised or sacrificed. The Z-Gun line is the embodiment of such concept.  Beside the exquisite and satisfying look, as well as the well-tested longevity, the Z-Gun line hides an uncompromising technological approach that manages to combine the best ballistic performance with an incomparably low recoil.

Shooters and hunters who have been using a Zoli gun for some time have already tested and appreciated the characteristics that make our products unique. Our success is also due to the generous and positive influence afforded by those who, following their experience with our guns, feel the need to share their satisfaction with enthusiasm and persistency. Their endorsement has strongly supported the diffusion of our brand, making it reach such a level of fame and prestige to take it to the top market segment.

I wish you all a pleasant and interesting browsing of our website.

Thank you and warmest regards,

Paolo Zoli
President and CEO – Zoli Antonio Srl

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