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New Z-Gun engraving

New Z-GUN engraving

We are pleased to present an all new engraving design for the Z Sport incorporating fresh techniques and new talent. Our dedicated engravers have created a new pattern which reflects the high status achieved by the Z Gun in competition.

It has been 10 years since the Z Gun range has entered the market. The Z Sport model was the first to be officially presented and sold. The Z Sport, more than any other model, embodies the spirit and performance that has moved and guided the company to a new level of recognition all over the world. Winning many major competition internationally, the Z Sport has greatly contributed to reach today’s success.

The new specially designed engraving advances the original style and increases coverage, depth and quality. Each “Z-Gun” logo shown in relief on the action sides and backarenow enhanced by a full frame deeply cut in Liberty style scroll portraying curls and leaves. The same design is appropriately cut on the trigger-plate and action bottom. Action sides and bottom are border engraved with the classic Z Gun diamond chain and the hinge pin is decorated with a beautiful geometric pattern in relief.


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