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Bavarian S


The HUSQVARNA 1900 rifle has always been famous for its frame and bolt made from a solid block of steel, very fluid action and crisp trigger pull. ZOLI is proudly reproducing all these features and more and offering uncompromised quality at affordable prices.

The “Bavarian” line comes in different versions all featuring impressive traditional Mittel-European style Bavarian cheek pieces. The “DSS” safety system, the “ISS” set trigger and all safety features available come standard on every bolt action rifle in the Bavarian line.

Specifications & Options

Standard configuration Optional/extra charge
Forged monolithic frame Blued -
Calibers 243win, 25-06, 6,5x55se, 6,5x57M, 270win, 270WM,
7x64, 7mmRM, 300wm, 338wm, 9,3x62m, 308win, 30-06, 8x57js
Magazine Fixed floor plate Detachable magazine
Trigger system Single direct trigger Stecher
Cocking system Standard -
Locking system Two locks system -
Lenght 53cm , 60cm, 65cm (only available on 270wm and 7mmRM)
21”, 24”, 25,5” (only available on 270wm and 7mmRM)
Sights No sights Battue sights
Finishing Blued -
Diameter 15,5mm / 17mm (only on 308win, 30-06, 8x57js) -
Thread for Silencer On demand
Fixed stock Bavarian style stock Left hand version
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